Maintenance of your silver jewelry

The basic metal is silver.It is a Precious metal white in color and reacts to the climatic variations,impurities in water,air and heat.It is very easy for silver jewelries to loose their color and turn in to black.

Gold plating over these items is like painting over a surface . Hence stability is based only on correct usage.


Water, Cosmetics, Heat etc., easily react on these jewelleries and make them loose their shine.
So we recommend you to follow the tips below to preserve your jewellery for longer life
  • ·         Keep away from water, air and heat.
  • ·         Please wear these after completion of your cosmetic touches or make up.
  • ·         Keep each and every item separately covered in a cotton cloth in an air proof  box, bag, or pouch (Zip lock bag).
75 percent of these items are made by highly talented jewellery craftsmen by hand. These jewelleries cater to all classes of people and to fulfill their ornamental dreams. The Gold plated .925 silver jewelleries are 30 to 35 percent higher in price than plain .925 silver jewelleries. Collect all the exclusive designer collections and enjoy. Also note Quality need not be expensive.


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